Van de Vyvere

I'm a motivated young man with a passion for cars and digital media.


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My Story

I started a website called AutoJunior when I was 15 years old with the intention of becoming a Belgian version of TopGear of which I was a huge fan.

After having studied Multimedia at VTI Brugge during my final two years of high school I went to study Automotive Management at IVA Driebergen. That didn’t go exactly as planned and I was back home after a few months.

I founded my first business, MediaLion, where I helped local businesses “to up there social media game”, create logos, posters, business cards and videos. During that time I also worked part-time as a warehouse manager at my dad’s business.

I decided to go back to college in 2018 and went for a degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment with a major in Independent Game Production. I struggled with programming and ended up looking for a job after 1,5 years.

It all came full cirlce when I got offered a job as a sales adviser in the automotive sector. Cars were, are and will always be my biggest passion.

Where I’ve Worked

2019 - Now

Sales advisor at Automotive Group West

2009 - Now

Editor in chief at AutoJunior.be


Founder at MediaLion


Warehouse manager at Stevens Commercial

A few projects I work(ed) on

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