alfa romeo 4c

Hey guys!! It’s been waaayyyy to long since I’ve put something on here. So here’s a little update for you! So as you may know, I dropped out of college. Then wandered around for a bit, figuring out what I would do. At the beginning of this month I officially started my own company, called […]

project awol

Hello! Let me first introduce myself. I’m Louis and I’m an 20 year old internet entrepreneur and car-lover. If you want to know more about me click here. Any way. By the fact you’re reading this, I know you’re wondering if you can make money online. Well, yes! Let me present to you Empower Network, or EN for short. […]

wealthy money

If you want to become wealthy you have to do that within a system that actually doesn’t allow you to become wealthy. You can fight and shout your way out of it, but it’s a lot easier to let money come to you naturally. This video will show you how you can get the universe […]


Remember the dreams you had as a child?  Remember when you wanted to be a fireman, a doctor, a pilot, a millionaire, a professional athlete?  When did you forget that dream?  When did you sell out, go to school, get a job, and live a life of mediocrity?  If you are not living your dream, […]

mercedes s500l

Yup, today I drove a brand new Mercedes-Benz S500L worth €180.000! A review will soon be published on one of my YouTube-channels, right here.   From the outside: Me sitting in the back, lying down while having a hot-stone-massage (yep, you read that correctly).   Talk to you soon! – Louisvdv Like this:Like Loading…

We all get into this business for the same reason. We want to experience more freedom. Financial freedom and all of the things that has to follow. However, somewhere along the way something happens… It’s one of the unfortunate reasons why the average person who tries to build a home based business earns only $200 […]

how to set goals

If you have read some books on the subject of personal development or success, you probably know how important it is to set goals. Sadly, not a lot of people know how to set goals in the right way. So I’ve made this video in which I explain 9 simple steps to write down your […]


I really don’t. I haven’t watched the news in 4 years and I haven’t read a newspaper in 2 years. Yet I’m still functioning properly. Let’s be honest. Why do you need to know all this stuff. It really is a waste of time! Okay, when I see a newspaper I would read the headlines on the […]

don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are to big

Just watch The Most Motivating Video for Success, it’s all in there. After you’ve watched it continue reading.   Are you motivated right now to get out there and DO something? I am! Just decide! You’re not a wussy! YOU can learn the skillset of internet marketing and earn an income online like I do […]

Hi there! I’m an affiliate marketeer and I also teach people how to create an income online by doing the same as I do. Next to that I also have another (Belgian) blog, where I review cars. And I’m soooo busy, it’s insane! So why the hell should I want to start a company too? […]

maserati ghibli testdrive

Yup! I drove a Maserati Ghibli. I have driven more expensive and exclusive cars before and it was only a diesel Maserati, but I still enjoyed every single second of driving it. Some of you may know that I have an other (Belgian) blog about cars. I’ve had that blog since 2009 and my best friend […]

wealthy money

I know, because you’re reading this, you want to more wealthy (whatever that means to you). Actually everyone wants that… and there is nothing wrong with it. Sadly enough not a lot of people actually know what to do to become wealthy. I guess this cool infographic should help you with that, check it out. (Click […]

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