Hi there! I’m an affiliate marketeer and I also teach people how to create an income online by doing the same as I do. Next to that I also have another (Belgian) blog, where I review cars. And I’m soooo busy, it’s insane! So why the hell should I want to start a company too? […]

maserati ghibli testdrive

Yup! I drove a Maserati Ghibli. I have driven more expensive and exclusive cars before and it was only a diesel Maserati, but I still enjoyed every single second of driving it. Some of you may know that I have an other (Belgian) blog about cars. I’ve had that blog since 2009 and my best friend […]

wealthy money

I know, because you’re reading this, you want to more wealthy (whatever that means to you). Actually everyone wants that… and there is nothing wrong with it. Sadly enough not a lot of people actually know what to do to become wealthy. I guess this cool infographic should help you with that, check it out. (Click […]

project awol gold nugget

Hi guys! The title of this post might need a little explanation. With gold nuggets I mean valuable pieces of knowledge to grow your life and business. I’m part of this community called #Project A.W.O.L., you might have heard from it. We are a community of like-minded people helping each other to succeed in there […]

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Bonuses For Joining #Project A.W.O.L. With Louisvdv Are you shopping for a mentor or team to join within Empower Network? Perhaps you are ready to join, but you are interested to see if there are any leaders that offer bonuses for joining their teams, and that would help you make your decision! Well let me […]

don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are to big

“Focus.” Doing that one thing, can change everything. Because where you Focus, your energy follows… Justin Verrengia knew it, that’s why he’s a million dollar earner. Over a dozen Empower Network million dollar earners knew it… That’s why they’ve been able to do what they’ve done, exactly when they’ve done it, and exactly how they wanted […]

science of happiness infographic

Did you know that the people in the highest income bracket are about 3..5% happier than average? Apparently it’s true! I found this awesome infographic about ‘the Science of Happiness‘, and I had to share it with you! Source


Hi there! Today I wanted to share this video one of our #Project AWOL-members, Jonathan, has made during the Empower Network-event in Miami a few months ago. I think he did a great job at editing this masterpiece! I hope you like it too! Talk to you soon! – Louisvdv ps: If you want to […]

#project a.W.O.L.

In this video you see Dakota Mclearn. One year ago he made a decision. What that single decision has done with his life is incredible. YOU can make that same decision right NOW. Dakota, I and thousands of other people joined this community called #Project A.W.O.L. We are a mastermind group of like-minded and motivated […]

Google Drive

In this article I’ll show you 4 handy Free tools by Google to better organize your business and your life. Google Drive Google Drive is basically a collection of online Office-products which are directly connected to the Google-cloud. You’ve got ‘Document’, which is like the free online-version of ‘Word’.’Presentation’ is like ‘Powerpoint’ or ‘Keynote’. And […]

Your ‘why’ is the most important thing if you want to be successful. It doesn’t matter what success means for you, if you want to get results, you need to know ‘why’. So answer this honestly before your write down your goals. ‘Why’ do you want it. I don’t care why you want to accomplish […]

At the moment I’m lying next to the pool, in the sun, in the South of France. And while I’m lying here, I’m reading “Happy Pocket Full Of Money”, which honestly is THE best book I’ve ever read. I would recommend it to everyone looking to live their life to the fullest. I had some […]