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Don’t Waste Your Life

I admit that I spent a lot of time on Reddit. Because you can find the most interesting stuff on […]

What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur

I found this awesome video about what it means to be an entrepreneur. It’s my feel-good-video for this Thursday-morning. I […]

Personal update!

Hey guys!! It’s been waaayyyy to long since I’ve put something on here. So here’s a little update for you! […]

Why YOU should join Project AWOL

Hello! Let me first introduce myself. I’m Louis and I’m an 20 year old internet entrepreneur and car-lover. If you want to know […]

The Mastery Of Money

If you want to become wealthy you have to do that within a system that actually doesn’t allow you to […]

How To Set Goals, The Right Way!

If you have read some books on the subject of personal development or success, you probably know how important it […]

I Don’t Care About The News

I really don’t. I haven’t watched the news in 4 years and I haven’t read a newspaper in 2 years. Yet I’m […]